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Our patient management system has been developed for use in a clinical setting. It is an optional add-on to our TMS Therapy system for treatment of major depressive disorder in adult patients who have failed to receive satisfactory improvement from prior antidepressant medication in the current episode. HIPAA Seal of Compliance” width=It will allow your to see more patients instead of spending time on administration. The patient management system is in compliance with HIPAA and the European GDPR regulations.

Watch this video to learn how simple and easy the patient management system works and how you can get anywhere, anytime patient managment of your TMS practice.

With the patient management system, it is possible to

  • Manage your patient’s data safely
  • Treat your patients as usual and log the data
  • Track your patient’s treatments
  • Generate reports for reimbursement purposes

12 reasons why you should get Patient Management 

  1. Anytime, anywhere access from all platforms such as laptops and tablets
  2. User-friendly, intuitive interface specifically developed for TMS practices
  3. Oversee multiple sites
  4. Real-time information always at hand
  5. Easy upgrade from current MagVenture TMS Therapy system
  6. Cut down administration time. Spend time on your patients instead
  7. Store all patient data in one place
  8. Ensure that only prescribed protocols are used
  9. Generate patient reports
  10. Enable online dialogue between physician and TMS operator, in real-time
  11. Ensure a smooth and efficient management of your TMS practice
  12. Safe data storage 

I want the patient management system - what should I do?

The patient management system consists of very few elements that can easily be integrated in your current MagVenture TMS Therapy system or delivered fully installed in a new system.

  • A 360 gateway attached to the rear panel of the stimulator
  • Monitor/touch screen mounted on the trolley
  • A pc/laptop (not supplied) with internet connection

It is also possible to purchase the patient management system as a stand-alone software solution which is also cloud-based but relies on manual data entry.

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customer testimonial

Patients and technicians like the [MagVenture] system. It is first-line in the treatment of TMS for our patients. It works well and never breaks down.

Dr. Rustin Berlow, American Brain Stimulation Clinic, California

Customer testimonial:

The depression symptoms improved for all my patients, whereas about two-thirds of them achieved a full remission. 

Dr. Dmitriy Sivtsov of Silverlining Psychiatry in La Jolla, California

Customer testimonial:

Combined TMS/fMRI allows us firstly to see how the brain is connected and secondly whether the information is actually reaching its destination. 

Professor Hartwig Siebner, The Danish Research Center for Magnetic Resonance - excerpt from MagVenture NEWS #1

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