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The recent FDA clearance for OCD adds a new level of versatility to MagVenture TMS. Somehow the options keep coming and appear limitless.  

Dr. Boris Kawliche, Brandon TMS and Psychiatry, Florida,, USA


MD Lane Cook, TMS of Knoxville, Tennesee

I love the MagVenture system for its ease of use, the fact that you can initiate treatment with just three or four steps, the fact that there is a cooling system for the magnet that allows us to treat a lot of clients and finally, knowing that MagVenture has been in the neuromodulation industry for over 26 years just made it a very easy choice for me. 

Dr. Lee Mendiola, TMS Center of Ventura, California, USA

Patients and technicians like the [MagVenture] system. It is first-line in the treatment of TMS for our patients. It works well and never breaks down.  

Dr. Rustin Berlow, American Brain Stimulation Clinic, California, USA

I have personally worked with the MagVenture MagPro device for 7 years and find its ease of use and reliability very attractive.

John O'Reardon, MD.



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