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To support our customers the best way possible, MagVenture has over the years developed a number of complete research system solutions. 

Interleaved TMS/fMRI

One is our advanced system for interleaved TMS/fMRI which can be installed in scanners up to 4T. We offer a technique which makes it possible to induce neural activity into targeted cortical regions during the actual MRI scanning. The complete system meets demand for reduced RF noise, image quality, and safety.

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Translational neuroscience research

Another one is our system for translational basic neuroscience with allows for studying the effects of TMS within e.g. behavioral, metabolic, (epi) genetics, molecular, and biochemical pathways in vivo.

True double-blinded studies

A third is our solution which enables true double-blinded research studies, ideal for multi-center clinical trials as it addresses the researcher’s requirements for accuracy and consistency. True double-blinded means that neither the patient nor the TMS operator knows if the treatment is active or sham. 

Want to know more?

These are just a few examples of research systems offered by MagVenture TMS Research - feel free to contact us at any time to discuss your needs or ideas.

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