MagPro R30

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Product sheet

Mechanical Data

HxWxD 210x530x400mm/8.2x20.8x15.7 in
Weight 36kg / 79 lbs

Coil compatibility

C-100, C.B60, MC-B70, MC-125, MMC-90, MMC-140, MMC-140 II, RT-120, RT-120 II, D-B80, MC-B65-HO, MCF-B65, MCF-B70, MCF-75, MCF-125, Cool-B65, Cool-B70, Cool-125, Cool-B35, Cool-B65 RO, MCF-P_B65, MC-P-B70, MCF-P-B70

Environmental Data

Operating temperature 10-30°C/50-86°F
Storage temperature 5-50°C/41-122°F
Operating humidity 30-60% RH
Storage humidity 20-80% RH

Power Supply

Mains voltage 230V~,50/60 Hz according to IEC 60601-1
Maximum power consumption 2300 VA, operation from 100V~ or 120V~ through transformer

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