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MagVenture’s stimulators are known and respected among neuroscientists who require TMS equipment of superior quality in order to optimize their brain research.

With 5 different stimulators to choose from, MagVenture meets every TMS research need. MagVenture’s magnetic stimulators have over the past 25+ years been developed in close collaboration with leading researchers. Our solutions can be used all the way from MEP and other clinical examinations, to advanced paired pulse investigations and other advanced neuromodulation techniques such as interleaved fMRI guided TMS research and translational TMS neuroscience. 

.All our stimulators deliver more than adequate power – typically motor threshold is reached at 50-60% of maximum power.

Unique and useful features depending on stimulator

  • All-in-one stand-alone solutions
  • Automatic sequence setup and user-defined protocols
  • Store and retrieve setups and protocols
  • Transfer data to external devices via USB or serial port
  • Monitor and read-out realized output, coil temperature and available stimuli
  • Biphasic, monophasic and half-sine waveforms
  • Biphasic Burst (Theta Burst Stimulation – TBS) with burst pulses of equal amplitude
  • Dual and twin pulses up to 20 pps
  • Selectable current direction
  • Advanced power pulse for 40% additional stimulation power
  • MRI compatible
  • Stimulator control from external devices 

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