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Number of stimulations, before warm-up at ambient temperature 20°C (68°F):| Mean output 75% of maximum at 1pps.   500 pulses
 Protocol: 60 trains @ 50 pulses/train @ 10pps @ Inter Train Interval: 25s @ Output=75% @ total number of stimulations 3,000  

Mechanical Properties

 Weight of transducer head  1 kg/2.2 lbs
 Cable length  1.3 m/4.3 ft
 Dimensions of transducer head (mm)  ø88 x 41.5 mm/ø3.5 x 1.6 in

Coil winding data

Inner diameter  10 mm/0.4 in 
 Outer diameter  65 mm/2.6 in
 Winding height  18 mm/0.7 in
 Number of windings  3 x 7

Magnetic and electrical properties

Max initial dB/dt (near the coil surface)  43 kT/s 
 Active pulse width (Biphasic)  280µs

Operating period

5 years

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