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With numerous coils to choose from, our coil selection is second to none and provides almost endless possibilities within brain research.

Our TMS coils come in various shapes, sizes and with different attributes such as cooling, power control and triggering on the handle.

Circular coils

We have general purpose coils which can be positioned to stimulate a larger area.

Butterfly coils

MagVenture's Figure 8 coil or butterfly coils are optimized for focused stimulation where the stimulation focus is right under the coil’s center.

Special coils

Our special coils or custom-designed coils are used for our various system solutions – many of which have been designed on requests from researchers who were missing a specific coil for their research. That is why we developed for example the MRi coils, the rat coil, and  the active/placebo coils with both an active side providing real stimulation and a placebo side which is passive.

Our coils’ unique capabilities and features include:

  • High-performance cooling option available for all Cool coils to allow for very aggressive protocols
  • Specialized parabolic and elliptical coils for rehabilitation research
  • Special coil for interleaved TMS/fMRI
  • Coil specifically designed for brain stimulation of rats 

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