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Study human brain functionality in real-time

Stimulation of the brain with magnetic pulses while depicting what happens in the brain at the same time with  functional magnetic resonance imaging (functional MRI) That is the MRI cambridgeessense of interleaved TMS/fMRI. 

With this complete turnkey TMS/fMRI research solution, it is possible to induce neural activity safely into targeted cortical regions, directly in the MRI scanner. Features of the MagVenture TMS/fMRI solution further include: The integration of TMS with functional MRI provides researchers with a unique tool to study human brain functional connectivity in real-time and assess how it can be altered by certain interventions, behaviour, or pathologies.

Features of the MagVenture TMS/fMRI solution include: 

  • Special TMS coils for use inside the MRI scanner
  • Reduced RF noise filters and controllers
  • Built-in dynamic leakage current reduction for minimizing artefacts
  • Stimulator-controlled recharge delay and parameters
  • High quality imaging
  • Ability to add inside/inbore neuronavigation
  • Full control via synchronization of TMS, scanner and peripheral equipment, incl. neuronavigation and functional data formats (Analyze, DICOM, MNI, IfTI)
  • EEG electrode localization and position export in flexible data format
  • Export of stimulation parameters (e.g. EMG, amplitude, mapping results) along  with the acquired stimulation location as functional image data
  • Open documentation format: All data stored is written in XML format for easy post processing
  • The MRI compatible solution can easily be extended to a 2-in-1 solution for navigation outside the MRI environment 

Recommended interleaved TMS/fMRI solution

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Stimulators: R30, R30 MO, X100, X100 MO or XP Orange Edition, depending on application 
Coils: MRI-B91 Air Cooled or MRI-B91 uncooled. Two dedicated 7-channel coil arrays or a bird cage 
Coil holder: Dedicated coil holder for optimal positioning 
Filter: RF filter with neuronavigation  

A dedicated 7-channel coil array

MRI 7 channel array

For high sensitivity TMS/fMRI, particularly at the stimulation site, a dedicated 7-channel, ultra-slim RF coil array may be used with both of MagVenture’s MRI coils, further adding:

• Improved signal-to-noise ratio over a traditional birdcage MRI head coil

• Enhanced coil position flexibility

Uninterrupted operation program

In the US, MagVenture offers a special plan and program for re-provisioning of MRI coils providing a solution for uninterrupted system uptime at a fixed cost.

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Interleaved TMS/fMRI 

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Customer testimonial:

We have pioneered in combining TMS not only simultaneously with EEG or fMRI, but conducted the first study in which TMS, EEG, and fMRI were all simultaneously combined in one experimental session

Professor Alecander Sack, Maastricht Brain Imaging Centre, Maastricht University
in MagVenture NEWS #4

Special edition of MagVenture NEWS

Customer testimonial:

Combined TMS/fMRI allows us firstly to see how the brain is connected and secondly whether the information is actually reaching its destination. 

Professor Hartwig Siebner, The Danish Research Center for Magnetic Resonance - excerpt from MagVenture NEWS #1

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