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Movement controlled, highly accurate TMS without compromising on safety and comfort

Head motion compensation monitors the coil’s position, orientation and contact to the head at all times and actively follows any possible head movement during TMS. It ensures a high level of repeatability between TMS sessions, is integrable with MagVenture stimulators and coils and may be piloted by a neuronavigation system from Localite.

Highlighted features: 

    • Maintain position, orientation and tilt of the TMS coil during the session
    • Compensate for potential head motion during the TMS sessionMagVenture with Axilum Robotics
    • Maintain contact between coil and head (integrated contact sensor)
    • Ensure identical setups in multi-center studies
    • Reduce inter-operator variability
    • Double-blind study support
    • Reduce interactions between operator and patient during the session (no need for coil adjustment)

Robotic solution: TMS-Cobot

Smaller system optimizef for clinical use. A dedicated TMS coil is available: Cool-B65 A/P CO. The TMS-Cobot is FDA cleared for the spatial positioning and orientation of the treatment coil of the MagVenture TMS Therapy® system.  

  • Collaborate robotic technology
  • Pilotable by either Axilum Robotics' optical Tracking system (no MRI guidance) or compatible neuronavigation system (MRI guidance)
  • Suitable for research when extended workspace is not required



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