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brain researchOur stimulators, specialized coils, and advanced accessories are all developed at the MagVenture headquarters near Copenhagen, Denmark. Here, a team of mechanical engineers, design engineers, medical advisors and researchers join forces to offer TMS professionals the best equipment in the market for their TMS research.

We take great pride in not only listening to our customers’ current needs but also foreseeing their future demands. Many of our research solutions are already in full use around the world: from basic, cognitive neuroscience to fields such as neurology, psychiatry, and rehabilitation.

We are confident that new treatment options and discoveries will emerge as our knowledge of the human brain increases and the TMS research matures enough to establish the efficacy and safety of a given application.

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MagVenture statement:

When I first started the company in the early 90’s, it appeared to me there were a lot of unused opportunities in using TMS. I therefore decided to develop the most advanced, powerful solutions to brain researchers.

Stig Wanding Andersen, CEO and Founder, MagVenture 

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