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MagVenture TMS Research

Advancing neuroscience

Enabling researchers to gain an even deeper understanding of the human brain is just as important now as it was when MagVenture introduced our first TMS device back in 1992. MagVenture has, since the very beginning, engaged in long-term, close collaborations with numerous high-ranking neuroscience research institutions and facilities worldwide, allowing scientists to continuously challenge and push the limits of TMS stimulation.

ABOUT TMS Research
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Advanced neuromodulation

Take TMS research to a new level

MagVenture offers advanced neuromodulation systems. From a turn-key solution for interleaved TMS-fMRI to Theta Burst Stimulation, or even applyingTMS on rodents, MagVenture is capable of solving even the most demanding needs from researchers around the world. 

We are collaborating with the world's foremost academics
and professionals to solve the mysteries of the brain.


Our customers can always expect the highest quality

Researchers and clinicians often use MagVenture’s products in combination with products from other manufacturers. Our products are highly integrable with the solutions offered by Localite (neuronavigation), Brain Products (EEG) and Axilum Robotics (TMS Robots)

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