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We have asked some patients who have already had TMS Therapy what they think about TMS and how it has changed their lives. Read these TMS patient reviews below or watch the patient testimonials on our Youtube channel.

A patient journey: Vickie's story 

Vickie's depression was a "dark and lonely place" to be, and the medication she was on was not working. She knew she needed additional help. Her doctor told her about MagVenture TMS Therapy and she decided to "give it a go." This is her story:

Overcoming chronic depression with MagVenture TMS Therapy: Roger's story

Globally, more than 300 million people suffer from depression, making it the leading cause of disability worldwide. Roger was one of them. He had struggled with the consequences of depression most of his life: "You can't work, 'cause you can't concentrate [...] It affects everything." Antidepressiants helped him to some degree but the effectiveness would eventually wear off. While searching online for a psychiatrist, Roger became aware of TMS. "This might work", he thought to himself. TMS did work for Roger.

This is Roger's story:


Cindy's story: I have nothing but good things to say about TMS 

Cindy was, in her stepmother's words, "a really sharp lady", someone who was always calm and having it all together.  That all changed when the depression hit. After 2½ years, the antidepressants quit working, "cold turkey." A new treatment option was needed for Cindy. Her doctor suggested TMS. Within 2 weeks, the first small signs of improvement appeared. But that was just the beginning.  

Hear the rest of Cindy's story here: 

Charlie's story: TMS has given me back my life

Complications following major surgery caused Charlie to become severely depressed. She tried  "every medicine that there was which gave me major complications [...] I just didn't want to do anything [and] I stopped working" Charlie then tried MagVenture TMS Therapy, which, in her own words has "...given me back my life".

Hear Charlie's story here:

Oliver's story: I was grasping at straws 

Oliver was a bright and ambitious young highschool student who was granted a full scholarship to college. However, during college, he was hit by depression.  Attending classes was becoming more and more difficult, as well as shaving and other ordinary, daily tasks. Oliver had reduced his apirations to "being functional". That's when he started  TMS treatments at Dr. Robert McMullen at TMS BrainCare in New York City. "I really honestly didn't expect much,"  he says, but figured he had nothing to loose. It turned out he had a lot to gain.

Hear Oliver's story here:  

Anders' story: From depression to remission

Anders had been treated with every possible antidepressants for over 20 years by Dr. Robert McMullen at TMS BrainCare in New York City. They finally did TMS and the change was quite dramatic. 

Hear Anders' story here:


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Patient testimonial

I'd say two-thirds thru, it really was where my wife was noticing: "You seem lighter [...] less oppressed by it [...]" Piece by piece it was coming back. It felt like your brain was being repaired for whatever the glitch was. It really was a quantum leap [...] It worked. It genuinely worked. 

Anders, former TMS patient 

Patient testimonial

 The real shining glory was how quickly TMS and Arghya’s support pulled me out of my depression.

Verified patient. 

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