Grow Your Psychiatry Practice

with MagVenture’s proven TMS Treatment for Depression & OCD


Currently we are averaging 20-24 patients per day with our
2 MagVenture machines when previously we were only seeing 2 or 3.

-John Fleming, MD, Southern Colorado TMS Center

  • No pay-per-use fee
  • Multiple purchase Options
  • Lowest cost; just $1.37 per session
  • No tools required
  • Cloud-based patient management system
  • Weightless coil positioning
  • Versatile and scalable system
  • Broad range of FDA-cleared procedures
  • Liquid-cooled coils allow high patient throughput

Since adding a MagVenture system, my cost to deliver excellent quality and effective treatment has dropped significantly. My experience with the strong warranty and support team have given me confidence to plan for future growth.

-Charles Hayden MD, Huntsville TMS


  • High customer satisfaction
  • Onsite installation and training
  • Responsive technical support
  • Proven and durable technology
  • Extensive collaboration with researchers
  • Continuous improvement and expanded indications
  • More comfortable
  • Less confining
  • Quietest system on the market*

S.C. Dhamne et al., Brain Stimulation 7 (2014) 432-434 * Of the four leading manufacturers.

MagVenture has allowed me to make this amazing treatment more accessible to my community without the financial burden that would normally be associated with offering TMS.

-Lee D. Mendiola, MD, TMS Center of Ventura

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