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XP Orange Edition

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Most powerful stimulator. For research.  Able to deliver 250 pps.  Fully encased, integrated system. Improved durability.

INVESTIGATIONAL DEVICE. The XP Orange Edition is able to deliver 250 pps which is more than twice the power of a standard stimulator. The XP Orange Edition is the first stimulator to bridge the gap between electrophysiological memory models and TMS, using the same frequency as the human brain. With the fully integrated, superior cooling it is possible to run the most demanding research protocols with no issues of coil overheating. The XP comes as a fully encased, integrated system and the pratical console design makes transportation between labs easy. It is optimized for interleaved TMS/fMRI research.

Additional Info

  • Max repetition rate: 250 pps
  • Pulse mode: Standard
  • Waveform: Biphasic, Biphasic Burst (Theta Burst)
  • Current direction: Normal
  • Ramp up: No
  • Intended use:

    Investigational Device

    Please note that the stimulator may not be available and/or approved by the regulatory authorities in your country/region. For more information, please consult with your local MagVenture distributor or subsidiary. 

  • Mechanical Data:


    Width: 43.5 cm
    Depth: 57.5-63 cm
    Height to top base: 108 cm
    Height with display: 128.5-151.5cm



    100V/120V: 207kg/456lbs

  • Coil compatibility:

    Most coils. Ask MagVenture or your local representative for more information.

  • Environmental Data:

    Operating temperature


    Storage temperature


    Operating humidity

    30-60% RH

    Storage humidity

    20-80% RH

  • Power Supply:

    Mains voltage

    100V 3N~, 50/60Hz
    120V 3N~,50/60Hz
    230V 3N~,50/60Hz 

    Maximum power consumption

    10kVA, operation from 100V~,120V~ or 230V~

  • Ordering number:

    100V: 9016A0501, 120V:9016A0511, 230V: 9016A0521

  • Product overview image: Product overview image
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