TMS Robot for TMS depression treatment TMS Robot for TMS depression treatment

Robotic aid to drugfree depression treatment receives FDA clearance

TMS-Cobot for the MagVenture TMS Therapy system now FDA cleared  

MagVenture has added a new, FDA cleared robotic platform to our clinical system -  the TMS-Cobot. This new solution  will help further elevate the rapidly growing field of neuromodulation.

MagVenture TMS Therapy is an effective, non-invasive option for the large number of patients not responding to antidepressants. During treatment, magnetic pulses are applied to a particular area of the patient’s brain with the use of a magnetic coil. This particular spot is the entry-point for the treatment of depression as it will reach the neural brain network controlling mood and emotion which may thus alleviate the depression. The patient is fully awake and may resume to his or her usual activities right after the TMS treatment session. The patient will typically receive 20-30 treatment sessions in total, one per weekday.

TMS Cobot for TMS depression treatment

Field of TMS constantly evolving

“While our customers express a very high level of satisfaction with the quality, cost-effectiveness and longevity of the MagVenture TMS Therapy solution, some are also ready to take their TMS practice to the next level, so to speak, without compromising on quality or safety. Adding a robotic arm has two major advantages for these customers: Firstly, it provides a continuous head motion tracking system which actively follows the patient’s possible head movement during treatment.

Secondly, it will reduce the manual coil handling time for the TMS operator which especially is a key factor for clinics with a high number of patients,” says Kerry Rome, MagVenture Inc. VP of Sales, before adding: “The TMS-Cobot is a good example of how the field of TMS is constantly evolving. We, as a TMS provider, need to stay tuned to meet customer and patient demands, for today and tomorrow.”  

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Developed by Axilum Robotics

The TMS-Cobot is developed by Axilum Robotics, a French company founded in 2011 by a team of leading experts in medical robotics. It is FDA indicated for the spatial positioning and orientation of the treatment coil of the MagVenture TMS Therapy system. 

“We are very happy to partner with MagVenture Inc., who will distribute our device in the U.S. along with its MagVenture TMS Therapy System. We are convinced that this robotized system represents a major step forward for the implementation of TMS in the USA”, says Michel Berg, CEO of Axilum Robotics.

 In 2018, MagVenture was the first TMS company to receive FDA clearance for a much shorter protocol called Express TMS, which reduces the treatment time from the standard 37 minutes to just 3 minutes per session. The FDA clearance was based on the world’s largest randomized controlled trial, also known as the THREE-D. The study found that 49% of the patients responded to the TMS treatment, and 32% achieved full remission (source: Blumberger et al, 2018, The Lancet)

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