Introducing: The MagVenture Flow Arm

Take coil positioning to a whole new level

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MagVenture proudly introduces the Flow Arm – a clinical, patent pending* positioning system to optimize the delivery of MagVenture TMS Therapy®. Our dedicated team of development engineers and medical scientists have listened to requests from the TMS community and have created this groundbreaking new solution. It has been specifically optimized for clinical practice but it may of course also be useful for TMS researchers. 

With the Flow Arm, the ease of use for the operators has been improved and it is now possible to, almost effortlessly, move and securely position the TMS coil. 

Watch this short video about the Flow Arm

Highlights of the Flow Arm include

  • Quick coil placement and fixation
  • Click-on coil change
  • Smooth, effortless movement
  • No strain on the operator
  • Suitable for all treatment coils

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Need more technical information?

The Flow Arm has to be mounted on the back of the MagVenture Treatment Chair. Please visit the Flow Arm product page for more technical information or download the Flow Arm flyer.


Do you want to get your own Flow Arm?

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you want to know how you can optimize  your TMS practice with a MagVenture Flow Arm.



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 *Patent pending: EP 20214073.7 / US 63/125,594. 



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