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Tuesday, 23 June 2020 07:30

MagVenture Virtual Learning Center

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Virtual Booth
Please join us at our virtual MagVenture booth where our TMS experts are available for  demonstrations and discussion.

When: 1 October, 2020
10 am to 3 pm EST

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On-demand webinars

Introduction to TMS - from research to clinical application
By: Lucas Godoy, Sales Manager, MagVenture Ltda


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Perspectives on the use of neuromodulation in COVID-19

By: Professor Abrahão F. Baptista, Universidade Federal do ABC, Brazil



Tips & Tricks to set up a TMS Practice

  • Choosing a system
  • Facility Recommendations
  • Communication
  • The TMS Therapy 
  • Business Plan

By: Lucas Godoy, Sales Manager, MagVenture Ltda



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