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MagVenture has been selling transcranial magnetic stimulation devices and TMS coils since 1992. We strive to offer TMS professionals the best TMS equipment in the market.

1992:  MagVenture releases its first TMS device (under the name Dantec). One of the first devices is sold to The Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC). Even to this day, renowned researcher, Dr. Mark George uses it: “It’s beautiful, it’s simple….and it still works.”

2009:  In collaboration with Dr. Mark George, MUSC, MagVenture develops a therapy research system for a large VA double-blind randomized clinical trial. This system has since evolved into today’s MagVenture TMS Therapy® system.

2010: MagVenture Inc. is established March 4th as a subsidiary of MagVenture A/S in Denmark. First two US- employees are Kerry Rome (VP of Sales) and Yordan Todorov (VP of Service and Support). In its first year of existence, MagVenture Inc. opens two offices: the main office in Atlanta, Georgia, and a branch office in Hermosa Beach, California.

2010: MagVenture sells its first MRI solution in the US, allowing neuroscience researchers at Stanford University to study human brain functional connectivity by using TMS simultaneously during the actual MRI scanning. Since then, several more MRI installations have followed around the country.

b91 mri coil

2013: 2013: MagVenture provides TMS equipment support for an industry-independent, randomized controlled study, the so-called THREE-D trial in Canada, with participation of three Canadian university hospitals. With 414 patients, the THREE-D trial constitutes the largest TMS study to date. The study compares the efficacy of two different protocols: the standard, 37 minute rTMS protocol to the shorter, 3 minute Theta Burst (TBS) protocol.

The Cool-40 Rat Coil, a coil specifically made for TMS on rodents, is installed at a research institution in the US. The rat coil which fits into a PET or SPECT imaging scanner enables researchers to perform actual repetitive TMS protocols on rodents and obtain replicability and reliability. The coil is used with a high-performance cooling system which allows for a high number of stimuli.

Rat coil square

2015: MagVenture Inc. obtains it first FDA clearance for the treatment of major depressive disorder for the 37 minute protocol

2016: MagVenture Inc. staff number has now grown to 6.

MagVenture receives FDA clearance for a shorter depression treatment protocol, bringing treatment time down from 37 minutes to 19 minutes per session.

2017: The MagPro R20 stimulator is FDA cleared for the treatment of major depressive disorder. The R20, already established globally, has an intuitive and user-friendly interface and is highly suitable for start-up or smaller practices.

MagVenture receives FDA clearance for a  3 minute TBS depression treatment. This TBS (Theta burst stimulation) protocol is based on the world’s largest Randomized Control Trial with TMS to date. The article was published in the The Lancet (Blumberger et al, 2018). The results of the THREE-D trial concluded equivalent efficacy and safety between the standard 37 minute TMS protocol and the 3 minute Theta Burst (TBS) protocol. MagVenture markets the TBS protocol under the trademarked name Express TMS®. MagVenture is the first TMS company to receive FDA clearance for the TBS protocol.

TBS response rate

2018: The cloud-based, HIPAA compliant MV360 Patient Management System for the MagVenture TMS Therapy System® is introduced.

Patient managament

2019: MagVenture opens another branch office in the US. It is based in Dallas, Texas.

2019: The Cobot, a robotic aid for clinical use, is FDA cleared. The Cobot is developed by Axilum Robotics specifically for use with the MagVenture TMS Therapy® system.

2020: The total number of installations at US research institutions has surpassed 500.

2020: MagVenture receives FDA clearance for adjunct treatment of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) in adult patients. 

2021: MagVenture takes coil positioning to a whole new level with the introduction of the MagVenture Flow Arm

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customer testimonial

I love the MagVenture system for its ease of use, the fact that you can initiate treatment with just three or four steps, the fact that there is a cooling system for the magnet that allows us to treat a lot of clients and finally, knowing that MagVenture has been in the neuromodulation industry for over 26 years just made it a very easy choice for me.

Dr. Lee Mendiola, TMS Center of Ventura, California, USA

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