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MagVenture has been selling transcranial magnetic stimulation devices and TMS coils since 1992. We strive to offer TMS professionals the best TMS equipment in the market.

1992:  First MagPro stimulator hits the market (sold under the Dantec brand)

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The first MagPro stimulator from 1992

2001: MagVenture introduces the cost-effective Static Cool concept, allowing TMS researchers to run protocols without changing coils in the middle of sessions.

MagVenture takes coil cooling to a new level with the Dynamic Cool concept, allowing TMS researchers to perform consecutive rTMS treatments without coil change.

MagVenture is officially established under its own name.

2010: Subsidiary MagVenture Inc. is established in the US.

2010: MagVenture launches a complete rTMS research system, including a coil for double-blinded placebo-trials.

2011: MagVenture is the first TMS provider to receive CE approval for its depression treatment system known as MagVita TMS Therapy, now named MagVenture TMS Therapy.

Subsidiary MagVenture GmbH is established in Germany.

2013: Researchers can now perform rTMS inside an MRi scanner with the new Mri-B91 coil from MagVenture: 
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A new coil for stimulating rodents sees the light of day, providing a valuable tool for animal model research.

 The MagPro R20 is released, a taylormade solution for smaller start-up practices.
The Cool B91 coil is for so-called interleaved TMS in an MRi Tesla scanner.

MagVenture receives FDA clearance for the treatment of major depressive disorder. 

Sales Subsidiary MagVenture Ltd., located in Reading just outside London, is established in the UK:

magventure ltd

MagVenture receives FDA clearance for a  3 minute TBS depression treatment. This TBS (Theta burst stimulation) protocol is based on the world’s largest Randomized Control Trial with TMS to date. The article was published in the Lancet [Blumberger et al, 2018, The Lancet].  

2018: Besides subsidiaries in the US, Germany and the United Kingdom, MagVenture is now also represented in 50+ countries. MagVenture also launches a new, dark blue logo: 

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2019: MagVenture receives CE approval  for a  3 minute TBS depression treatment.

This video also gives an overview of who we are and what we stand for: 

2019: Sales Subsidiary MagVenture Ltda., located in São Paulo, is established in Brazil:

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