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The MagVenture TMS Therapy system is a complete solution for use in a clinical setting. 

Depending on your situation and how many patients you treat – or expect to treat – per day, we have the right solution to suit your needs.

The main components in a MagVenture TMS Therapy system are typically:

magventure tms system overview

  1. Magnetic stimulator
  2. Magnetic coil for locating the patient’s exact treatment spot and intensity level (MT determination) 
  3. Magnetic coil for the actual TMS treatment
  4. Trolley for the stimulator
  5. Comfortable treatment chair
  6. Pillow that shapes around the head to support and keep the patient stable during the MagVenture TMS Therapy 
  7. Cotton caps to facilitate easy marking of the patient’s treatment location and repositioning on the patient’s head after the initial TMS session
  8. Cooling unit which allows consecutive treatment sessions with no issue of the coil overheating.

This short video gives a quick overview of our system: 


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Customer testimonial:

I like MagVenture because it's a really easy to use system [...] It has functioned really well the entire time I've had it. It's a cool thing. It's been really good for our practice.


Jake Hollingsworth, MD, Pacific Psychiatry and Anesthesia Associates

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