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MagVenture TMS Therapy is an easy to use system especially designed for use in practices. Once you and/or your staff have been trained by MagVenture,  you are ready to offer the treatment to your MDD patients. The full treatment protocol consists of repeated cycles of TMS followed by rest periods.

The actual treatment

  •   An initial session which includes the determination of the patient's individual stimulation level (motor threshold determination)
  •   5 treatment sessions per week during a period of normally 4-6 weeks.  Express TMS® (theta burst)  last 3 minutes per session and the standard   
     TMS protocol lasts 37 minutes per session
  •   Maintenance treatment if needed

Diagnosis and initial session is performed by a psychiatrist. The remaining treatment sessions are typically conducted by trained staff working under the supervision of a psychiatrist.

Easy to use TMS system

  •   Position patient, set treatment protocol and press start
  •   Pre-defined treatment protocol
  •   Includes tools for accurate treatment spot determination
  •   Easy to pause and resume the treatment

You may also wish to take a look at our "step-by-step guide"  which demonstrates the actual MagVenture TMS Therapy procedure in more detail: 

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customer testimonial

Patients and technicians like the [MagVenture] system. It is first-line in the treatment of TMS for our patients. It works well and never breaks down.

Dr. Rustin Berlow, American Brain Stimulation Clinic, California

Patient testimonial

I'd say two-thirds thru, it really was where my wife was noticing: "You seem lighter [...] less oppressed by it [...]" Piece by piece it was coming back. It felt like your brain was being repaired for whatever the glitch was. It really was a quantum leap [...] It worked. It genuinely worked. 

Anders, former TMS patient 

customer testimonial

I think there's been some major steps in psychiatry in my lifetime. Maybe one of the biggest revolutions has been TMS coming in [...]. This is such a revolution. And I think that the recent FDA approval of Theta Burst is going to be another big step. Because this is going to allow us to treat many more people.

Dr. Robert McMullen, TMS Braincare in New York, New York

Patient testimonial

 The real shining glory was how quickly TMS and Arghya’s support pulled me out of my depression.

Verified patient. 

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