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It is easy to get started with MagVenture TMS Therapy.  All you need besides the TMS equipment is a treatment room and personnel.

Our dedicated team of experts in your country will help you with everything from selecting the right TMS system for your needs, to full installation and training of you and any staff you might have, as well as ongoing service and support.

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Clinical TMS Courses

Several courses are available to help you stay updated on the latest within the clinical field of TMS. Not only are the courses held at top-ranking universities, where you are taught by world-renowned neuroscience researchers, you also get a chance to network with your peers around the world.  

Stay updated on upcoming courses and events here: 

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How to set up a TMS practice

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Customer testimonial:

I was astonished with the results for treatment-resistant depression. A significant number of people got better.

Dr. Rustin Berlow, American Brain Stimulation Clinic, California

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