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MagVenture TMS Therapy

TMS for depression treatment

Do you want to know more about Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) and how this CE approved and FDA cleared treatment can help people suffering from major depressive disorder?

TMS in 10 seconds
  • gx icon nonpharma Non-pharmaceutical
  • gx icon fdace FDA cleared and CE approved
  • gx icon noninvasive Non-invasive
  • gx icon throughtput High patient throughput
  • gx icon upgradable Upgradable
  • gx icon practice Systems for any practice

What is TMS

Do you have patients not responding to antidepressants?

MagVenture TMS Therapy could be the solution for your treatment-resistant patients and is ideal for both small, start-up clinic as well as large, multi-site practices. Our TMS therapy for depression is a CE approved and FDA cleared outpatient procedure with excellent response and remission rates. Our dedicated team of experts will help you with everything from selecting the right TMS system for your needs, to installation and training, as well as ongoing service and support.

We are collaborating with the world's foremost academics
and professionals to solve the mysteries of the brain.

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