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Complete TMS solution for animal model research

MagVenture offers a specifically dedicated coil for animal model research. It provides a unique opportunity to study the effects of TMS within a wide range of fields including behavioral, metabolic, (epi) genetics, molecular, and biochemical pathways. This research solution overcomes previously known challenges pertaining to focality, overheating, shape, and size. It provides complete replicability and reliability and, due to the small coil size, it will even fit inside a PET or SPECT imaging scanner with a minimum ø120mm bore which for some research purposes is important.

Overcoming the barriers in TMS for rodents

The number of stimuTranslations research Antwerpli available in small coils like the Cool-40 Rat Coil is a huge barrier for performing real TMS due to the heating of the TMS coil. The Cool-40 Rat coil overcomes this barrier as it operates with the special High-Performance Cooling System. This will allow for a high number of stimuli before overheating.

The small dimensions of the rat brain compared to the human brain makes it very challenging to provide efficient TMS stimulation using human coils, as they typically lack focus of the magnetic fields and largely out-limit the dimensions of the rat's head. Further, the smaller coils that are currently available do not induce electrical fields in the brain that are comparable to the electrical fields elicited with human coils in the patient’s brain. All of these issues have been solved with the Cool-40 Rat coil due to the special design of the windings, the High-Performance Cooling System, and the bended shape.

Recommended translational research

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Stimulators: R30, R30 MO, X100, X100 MO  depending on application
Coil: Cool-40 Rat Coil
Accessory: High-Performance Coil Cooling System


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Our simulations showed that the Cool-40 Rat Coil achieves unprecedented high electromagnetic fields.

Professor Steven Staelens, University of Antwerp 
Read full article in MagVenture NEWS #8 

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