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Small TMS research coils allows for stimulation at multiple sites at the same time

The small geometry of the B35 coil enables you to place multiple coils simultaneously on the head providing a focal, yet powerful stimulation. The B35 coil comes in different versions to suit your specific needs:

Cool-B35 HO (with handle turning upwards for easy coil placement)
Cool-B35 RO (Robotic edition to be used with the Axilum robot)

 Stimulate two centers in the brain

Multiple sites stimulation coils

Another option is the D-shaped Cool-D50 coil with the stimulation center being placed at the edge of the coil. This allows for alternating stimulation of two centers in the brain only 2-3 cm apart.

Smaller circular coils like the MMC-90 coil or MCF-75 coil are also available for less selective stimulation, but still allow for multiple coils to be placed close to one another.

Recommended research solution for dual or multi-site stimulation

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Stimulators: R30 MO, X100 MO  combined with a smaller stimulator such as the R20 or the Compact.
Coils for repetitive stimulation: Cool-D50, Cool-B35, Cool-B35 HO, Cool-B35 RO
Coils for single stimulation: MCF-75, MC-B35, MMC-90
Accessory: Coil Cooler Unit or High-Performance Coil Cooling System

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Multiple stimulation

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