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Stimulate selected brain regions with high precision and reliability every time

Plan stimulation areas, visualize the stimulation spot, and monitor and record the precise position of the research subject and coil with complete replicabibility. The turnkey solution provides full integration with MagVenture stimulators, allowing for automatic and easy exchange of all the needed information such as intensity, coil and stimulator type, MEPs, and temperature.Neuronavigation with Localite

Our partner Localite offers a range of different neuronavigation systems (Classic, MRI Edition and Robotic Edition). They are all precise, intuitive and scalable. 

 Highlighted features:

  • Easily scalable: From MR-less system to MR-based system extendable by attractive soft and hardware
  • Tracking of up to 4 coils at the same time
  • More than 30 MagVenture coils ready to use in the software
  • Import of multiple morphological and functional data formats (DICOM, MNI, NIfTI)
  • EEG electrode localization and position export in flexible data format
  • Export of stimulation parameters (e.g. EMG, amplitude, mapping results) along with the acquired stimulation location as functional image data
  • Open documentation format: All data stored is written in XML format for easy post processing
  • The MRI compatible solution can easily be extended to a 2-in-1 solution for navigation outside the MRI environment

Recommended TMS research setup

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Stimulators: R30R30 MO, X100X100 MO  depending on your needs
Coils: 35+ coil selection depending on application, including active/placebo coils for clinical research studies
Accessory: Coil Cooler Unit or High-Performance Coil Cooling System depending on application

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MagVenture offers a number of turnkey TMS research solutions. Click on the link to get more information about MagVenture's many options for researchers:

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Neuronavigation options  with localite


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