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The most comprehensive solution for double-blinded TMS research studies

MagVenture offers a highly flexible solution which addresses all your requirements for accuracy, reliability and consistency in clinical research and thus, ultimately, helpfacilitatenew treatment options. This even includes the possibility to perform true randomized, double-blinded, multi-center studies.A robotic solution and/or neuronavigation may easily be added to further enhance the reproducibility of your research.  

  • Coils with both active and sham sides (or with only a placebo side)
  • Software for complete study control by study master or principal investigator
  • Patient and operator codes to ensure true double-blinding
  • Sham noise generation
  • Electric masking

Active/Placebo coils for double-blinded TMS studies

MagVenture offers a number of coils with both an active and a placebo side for true double-blinded TMS studies: Cool D-B80 A/P, MMC-140 A/P, Cool-B65 A/P and Cool-B70 A/P.
MagVenture also offers a number of placebo coils for single-blinded research: MC-P-B70, MCF-P-B70 and MCF-P-B65

 active placebo coils

 Recommended solution for Clinical TMS research studies

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Stimulators: R30, R30 MO, X100, X100 MO  depending on application 
Active/Placebo Coils: Cool-B65 A/P, Cool-B70 A/P, Cool D-B80 A/P, MMC-140 A/P, Cool-B65 A/P RO
AccessoryCoil Cooler Unit or High-Performance Coil Cooling System
Software: MagVenture Double-Blinded Research Studies software


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