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"TMS Update" brings you TMS stories from both the world of research as well as the clinical field.  
Below is an overview of all published issues.

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TMS Update #1

Research in the treatment of cocaine addiction and PTSD, significant cost savings with Theta Burst Stimulation, Australia close to public funding, etc. 

TMS Update1

TMS Update #1

MagVenture NEWS #11

Reimbursement in Canada, research in TMS for neuropathic pain, a clinic case from Silverlining Psychiatry in California,  and much more.

news no 11
MagVenture NEWS #11

MagVenture NEWS #10

TMS clinic case from Knoxville, Tennessee, Schizophrenia research at NIMHANS in India, Swedish TMS pioneers, and TMS research at United Arab Emirates University.  

 news no 10

MagVenture NEWS #10

MagVenture NEWS #9 
TMS for depression booming in Brazil, more patients now treated with TMS than ECT at German hospital, TMS as a tool for CNS injuries in New Zealand and a TMS clinic case from Vilnius.  
 news no 9
MagVenture NEWS #9 
MagVenture NEWS #8
 "Smart TMS" sees great potential in UK's NICE approval, research in TMS for cocaine addiction research in Italy, Accelerated TBS at Ghent University, animal model research with a TMS coil for rats, and a clinic case from American Brain Stimulation Clinic.    

 news no 8

MagVenture NEWS #8

MagVenture NEWS #7,  Special Edition: FDA Clearance   
Interviews with Dr Mark George, Dr Stubbeman, Dr John O'Reardon, and Dr Robert McMullen.  

 news no 7

MagVenture NEWS #7

MagVenture NEWS #6
First TMS clinic in Guatemala, TMS as a diagnostic tool, cTBS research in Denmark, and the University of Lyon uses Slow rTMS as a useful alternative monotherapy for severe depression.  
 news no 6
MagVenture NEWS #6
MagVenture NEWS #5
Research cases from Canada: Magnetic Seizure Therapy for refractory, severe depression, as well as accelerated TMS and schizophrenia research.  
Further: Migraine study in Germany and waiting lists in Finland to get TMS treatment. 
 news no 5
MagVenture NEWS #5
MagVenture NEWS #4
TMS "Down Under" at Monash University, interview with renowned researcher Alexander Sack, clinic case from Iranian Hospital in Dubai, and interleaved TMS/fMRI at the Medical University of Vienna.  

 news no 4

MagVenture NEWS #4

MagVenture NEWS #3, Special Edition: "Rehabilitation research"
Rehabilitation research at Jikei University School of Medicine in Tokyo, research in spatial neglect in Bern, and TMS for stroke rehabilitation at Weill Cornell Mecical College.  
 news no 3
MagVenture NEWS #3
MagVenture NEWS #2
TMS clinic case from London Psychiatry Centre, an interview with Dr Jonathan Downar from the University of Toronto, and an introduction to the world's first rTMS coil for rodents - with cases from University of Antwerp and PTSD research with the rat coil at the French Institute of Health and Medical Research.
news no 2
MagVenture NEWS #2
MagVenture NEWS #1 , Special Edition: Interleaved TMS/fMRI
University of Zürich is searching for the link between the brain and the mind, the Danish Research Center for MR uses interleaved TMS/fMRI as an entry point to the brain, interview with Postdoc Ian Cameron from University of California, Berkeley. 

 news no 1

MagVenture NEWS #1 


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