Outstanding performance

All MagPro models deliver more than adequate power and motor threshold is typically reached at 50-60% of maximum power

Showing performance

All MagPro stimulators are monitoring and displaying realized out-put, coil temperature and available stimuli

Complete remote control

Complete remote control of the MagPro stimulators in research set-ups

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Product Life Time

  • MagPro stimulators are designed and built to last and the vast majority of stimulators from the early 1990s are still in use today.
  • MagPro standard coils have a lifetime of 5 years.
  • Static fluid coils (MCF or "static cool" coils) have a lifetime of 3 years.
  • Coils with external cooling ("Cool Coils") have a lifetime of 5 years or 18 million "Equivalent Pulse Value" (EPV) pulses, whichever occurs first. These coils are equipped with an EPV timer and counter and for each pulse released, the counter counts 1-4 EPV depending on the stimulation output level. As an example, at 75% output each pulse counts as 4 EPV and consequently 4,5 million pulses (18.000.000/4) can be released at this output level before the coil stops functioning and must be discarded.

Repair Services

MagVenture is committed to supporting and repairing stimulators up to 10 years old. We strive to provide repairs also of older products, but unavailability of parts can make certain repairs impossible.

Most repairs are performed at the factory, but some repairs can be performed locally by factory-trained service personnel.

Updates & Upgrades

The MagPro stimulator software is updated on a regular basis to expand functionality and to improve on existing features and functions. Such software updates are available for MagVenture labeled stimulators and are free of charge if the update does not require firmware updates. Updates are made via USB memory device and can be performed on site.

Hardware upgrades are also available and in most cases can be performed in the country of use provided that MagVenture's representatives have received the required service training.

Repair Service Form

Please fill in the Repair Service Form below if you need technical support/repair of a MagVenture product. Please enter all the required data (marked with a *), then click "submit" at the bottom of the page. Your inquiry will be handled within a few working days.

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