Outstanding performance

All MagPro models deliver more than adequate power and motor threshold is typically reached at 50-60% of maximum power

Showing performance

All MagPro stimulators are monitoring and displaying realized out-put, coil temperature and available stimuli

Complete remote control

Complete remote control of the MagPro stimulators in research set-ups

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Cool-125 Circular Coil

Circular Coils

When applying the circular coil, a fairly large area of body tissue will be stimulated. 

The circular coil may be positioned conveniently over many parts of the body, and usually serves well as a “general purpose coil”.

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MC B35 Butterfly Coil

Butterfly coils

The butterfly coils are more focused in comparison with the circular coils. 

The two windings are placed side-by-side, enabling the coil to stimulate structures with focus right under its center. The butterfly coil is useful in focused stimulation.

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Special Coils

Special Coils

Custom designed coils are available as well as modifications to existing coils, ranging from extending the coil cable, placebo coils, to a complete change of geometry of the coil.

We have developed a number of special coils for our system solutions.

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The powerful MagPro® stimulators are available in 7 different models ranging from 5pps stimulators to 100pps stimulators.

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Find all standard accessories available for the MagPro series ranging from the Super Flex Arm to various EMG accessories.

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