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Depression treatment for Patients

Do you not respond to antidepressants?
TMS is an effective alternative to medication

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MagVenture Depression Treatment for healthcare professionals

Do you wish to give patients an alternative to antidepressants?

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MagVenture MagPro R30 Stimulator

Magnetic stimulation systems for depression treatment, clinical examination and research

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MagVenture Coils

With 7 different magnetic stimulators and 33 different coils, MagVenture is the ultimate research partner

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MagVenture Brochures for download


Brochure intended for psychiatrists that are interested in offering MagVita TMS Therapy® as a treatment-alternative for their patients suffering from Major Depressive Disorder

UK - MagVita TMS Therapy®

German - MagVita TMS Therapy® 

French - MagVita TMS Therapy®

Spanish - MagVita TMS Therapy®

Italian - MagVita TMS Therapy®




UK brochure on our patient management system 










general brochure on products (stimulators and coils).

UK - General Brochure

German - General Brochure

French - General Brochure

Spanish - General Brochure

Italian - General Brochure