Outstanding performance

All MagPro models deliver more than adequate power and motor threshold is typically reached at 50-60% of maximum power

Showing performance

All MagPro stimulators are monitoring and displaying realized out-put, coil temperature and available stimuli

Complete remote control

Complete remote control of the MagPro stimulators in research set-ups

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TMS Accessories

Find all standard accessories available for the MagPro series ranging from the basic stimulator accessories such as super flex arm, trolley and coil converter) to research accessories such as sham noise generator and various EMG accessories.

MEP Monitor

Trolley MagPro Compact & R20

Treatment Chair


External Trigger Cables

MagProbe (DIN)

MagPro R30 60pps Option

Super Flexible Arm

Coil Cooler Unit

Vacuum Pillow with Pump

C-B60 Marking Plate

MagPro Remote Control

MagProbe 3D

High-Performance Cooling System

Trolley for MagPro X/R models

MagPro Compact Power Supply

Isolation Transformer

Sham Noise Generator

Coil Converter

MagProbe (BNC)


The powerful MagPro® stimulators are available in 7 different models ranging from 5pps stimulators to 100pps stimulators.

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The large selection of coils come in different shapes, sizes and with different attributes such as cooling and triggering on handle.

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