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Depression treatment for Patients

Do you not respond to antidepressants?
TMS is an effective alternative to medication

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MagVenture Depression Treatment for healthcare professionals

Do you wish to give patients an alternative to antidepressants?

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MagVenture MagPro R30 Stimulator

Magnetic stimulation systems for depression treatment, clinical examination and research

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MagVenture Coils

With 7 different magnetic stimulators and 33 different coils, MagVenture is the ultimate research partner

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Our preferred partners

MagVenture's mission is to be the most dynamic and innovative supplier of state-of-the-art transcranial magnetic stimulation solutions. Being able to provide our customers with high quality products is a core element for MagVenture.

Researchers and clinicians often use MagVenture’s products in combination with products from other manufacturers. Our products are highly integrable with the solutions offered by Localite (neuronavigation), Brain Products (EEG) and Axilum Robotics (TMS Robots). These manufacturers are also widely known for their high quality solutions and for their ability to always include customers’ ideas and request in their product development.

Both Localite, Brain Products, Axilum Robotics and MagVenture are committed to developing products in close cooperation with both customers and each other. This ensures a constant exchange of know-how to guarantee a tight integration between the products as well as a fast development process. 

All to the benefit of our customers who can always expect the highest quality as each company focuses on its core competences.

Robotized TMS with MagVenture and Axilum Robotics

Watch video on Robotized TMS with TMS-Cobot and optical tracking system featuring MagVenture and Axilum Robotics

TMS Robot from Axilum

EEG amplifier systems, electrode caps and accessories from Brain Products

TMS navigation from Localite and coil from MagVenture

Click on the picture to watch video on image guided robotized TMS by Axilum Robotics, MagVenture and Localite



Navigated Stimulation

Localite TMS Navigator is a navigation system for TMS which is configurable according to your needs and wishes. The system is integrated with MagPro. With Localite TMS Navigator you can plan stimulation areas and monitor and record the correct positioning of patient and coil.
Visit Localite


Axilum Robotics

Robot solution

Axilum Robotics has developed the first robot specially designed for TMS. Some MagVenture coils are designed for use with the robot. Axilum Robotics offers a unique opportunity for researchers and healthcare professionals to improve the execution of TMS procedures using different robotic solutions. 
Visit Axilum Robotics


Brain Products

EEG Recordings

EEG during TMS stimulation is an important technique providing support in the determination of cognitive processes. Brain Products offers a product range including a range of amplifiers, electrodes and caps with custom or standard montages, and a variety of accessories. 

Visit Brain Products