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The enquires and issues MagVenture currently receives often pertain to the Covid-19 situation. We have therefore collected anwers to some of your frequently asked questions below.

Can my TMS practice stay open and continue to treat patients?

Please consult with your national authorities and follow the national guidelines. You may benefit from reading about one of our customers, Southern Colorado TMS Center who has dealt with the situation and managed to keep his practice open. 

How do I disinfect my MagVenture TMS Therapy system?

The MagVenture TMS Therapy user guide provides specific instructions on how to disinfect our equipment. This also includes potential virus contamination hazard such as Covid-19.

The MagPro Stimulator, treatment chair, coil and trolley:
If hepatitis or any other dangerous virus such as Covid-19 contamination is suspected, Aldehydes or chlorinates can be used. Before cleaning, please switch off the mains. Use a cloth gently wrung in the recommended disinfectant and dilute the disinfectant properly as stated by the manufacturer.

Be careful that you do not drip water or disinfectant directly into the input and output plugs and other openings in the cover. Remove excess disinfectant with a dry cloth. Do not use solvent silicon-based or abrasive cleaning agents. Before using disinfectants other than those specified please contact a MagVenture subsidiary or your local MagVenture representative. 

Is Customer Service & Support affected?

To the extent local authories allow, our network of distributors continue to offer onsite service and support. Some of our customers have introduced safety measures which prevent outside visitors/contractors on site. If this is the case and our distributors are unable to assist you, MagVenture can provide support remotely via Phone/Microsoft Teams or Skype. Please read more about how MagVenture is keeping you covered during this time in our service&support section.

What is the situation in terms of production?

At present (February 2021), MagVenture does not have any production delays. You will of course be advised if this situation should change and affect you in any way.

Does this affect shipment and delivery?

MagVenture if fully operational while at the same time taking all necessary precautions and following the instructions given by the authorities. Please note that the current situation may cause delays on shipment - especially airfreight. Your local distributor or MagVenture can provide more specific advice on the best course of action and what to expect, pertaining to your situation and needs.

You migh also want to read a statement from our CEO Stig Wanding Andersen about how MagVenture is dealing with Corona/Covid-19.

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