The R20 Family: Magnetic stimulation in the simplest way

Getting started with Magnetic Stimulation 

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Among the range of TMS systems that MagVenture offers, the R20 family is our entry-level and easy-to-use solution for innovators seeking to become pioneers within magnetic stimulation. Depending on your needs, your solution setup may consist of only a stimulator and coil. However, the R20 comes in three different solutions (R20, R20+ and R20+ Express solution)  and each with different features, which – combined with our large coil selection – allows you to choose a setup tailormade to your specific application needs.

5 reasons to choose the R20 family

  • Magnetic stimulation delivered in the simplest way
  • Easy, intutive user interface
  • Compact, mobile design
  • Onsite installation, traning, and support
  • Cost-effective

R20R20: This is our simplest solution and suitable for assessing diagnosis and monitoring diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system, based on the use of Motor Evoked Potential (MEP).



R20+ is pulsewidth optimized for higher frequency and more intense stimulation. This allows for a close resemblance of the dynamics of the nervous system; thus, adding even more possibilities within diagnostics and monitoring in neurorehabilitation. The hardware of the R20+ allows for even more aggressive provocation of the neuro-muscular and the neuro-sensory systems, thereby enabling a deeper and more realistic functional activation.Standard rTMS protocols for depression therapy can be done as well. 

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The R20+ Express solution
has the same features as the R20+ but with the addition of a theta burst solution and a Wi-Fi package. Run 3-minute depression therapy sessions which is the fastest TMS depression therapy currently available and is known as theta burst, or Express TMS®. With the Wi-Fi package, it is easy to create a protocol on your computer, upload it to the stimulator and subsequently print log files of performed protocol. 


Need more information?

Please visit the product pages for R20, R20+ and R20+Express solution for more technical information or download the R20 family brochure.

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