Finding treatment options for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Finding treatment options for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Patient management system helps ensure a smooth and effective TMS practice

Dr. James Fox uses MagVenture's patient managment system.

When Dr. James Fox was setting up his new TMS practice he quickly realized that to ensure a smooth operation of his clinic, his TMS system should also include a reliable patient management system. Dr. Fox wanted two things: To ensure that all requirements in terms of safety and documentation were met, and to reduce the administrative labor involved in running a successful TMS practice.

Dr James FoxDr. James Fox already had several years of practice within psychiatry as well as TMS, including 5 years at the Medical University of South Carolina with Professor Mark George. The results he saw for the patients getting TMS there for their treatment-resistant depression were “nothing short of amazing”, he says, and he does not hesitate when describing TMS as “the best treatment in medicine”. The next logical step for him was therefore to set up a TMS practice of his own which is exactly what he did: In the fall of 2018, Summerville Behavioral Health in South Carolina became a reality.

Increased efficiency and safety

Summerville Behavioral Health has been off to a very promising start. With an average of 10 patients per day, Dr. Fox is very happy to have a reliable system to help manage it all: “Magventure’s 360 patient management system saves each patient's individual information and treatment information which I can then tailor and give to the staff so that they can deliver the exact treatment the patient is supposed to have, thus greatly reducing possible errors”. It records who gives the treatment based on who logs in and automatically records all essential information about the treatment, which makes the practice more efficient. 

Cloud-based solution saves time

For Dr. James Fox, it is a major advantage that the patient management system is cloud-based as this provides him more time for his patients and less time having to deal with issues such as server hosting and data protection: “It's good that you don't have to manage your own server, and don't have to worry about protecting the hard drive that the data is on”. Furthermore, the anytime-anywhere access also enables him to log in from home or elsewhere, when needed, which he also considers very helpful.

Treatment progress as a graph

For the patient, a special feature has also proven very useful. Dr. Fox explains: “The clinical assessment feature includes a nice graph that tracks the patient's progress. Our TMS operator will periodically show the patients their progress throughout the course of the treatment. The operator really likes to be able to show the patients that as it helps the patients to see, visually, how far they’ve come over the course of treatment and to give them the knowledge that they are getting better. ”

Helping people who are struggling with depression to get well is the core of Dr. Fox’ practice: “TMS may not work for everybody but it certainly works for the majority of people that I see and it's just an honor to be able to provide this treatment so that people have the opportunity to get better.”  


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