MagVenture opens in Brazil MagVenture opens in Brazil

MagVenture opens in Brazil

New MagVenture subsidiary in São Paulo, Brazil


We are proud to announce that we have opened our 4th MagVenture subsidiary – this time in Brazil. With the establishment of MagVenture Ltda, we are able to provide our growing numbers of customers in Brazil and the rest of Latin America with our internationally recognized high-level support within sales, marketing and customer service.

MagVenture built its very first stimulator over 25 years ago and is now represented with subsidiaries in the US, Germany, UK and Brazil and is furthermore represented in over 50 countries through a global network of distributors.

“From our vast experience we know that physical presence and a strong local knowledge are vital in order to serve our customers best,” says Leonardo M. Gallardo, Area Sales Manager, MagVenture. “We believe that a subsidiary in Brazil will not only benefit our customers and the patients, but also let us build an even stronger position and presence in Latin America.”

TMS: Rapid growth worldwide

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) is currently undergoing a rapid growth worldwide, not just within treatment of major depressive disorder but also in brain research as well as neuro-diagnostics.
“Over the past 5 years, we’ve seen a tremendous growth within TMS research in Brazil, ranging from basic neuroscience, to physical therapy, pain management, and functional rehabilitation. Last but not least, several psychiatry practices now offer TMS and are seeing good results with their treatment-resistant depression patients,” says National Sales Manager for Brazil, Lucas Godoy. Globally, TMS for depression is particularly booming, and Lucas Godoy is certain that the same will happen in Brazil.

“Brazil has served as a beacon for Latin America, with several renowned researchers paving the way for a broader dissemination of TMS, both clinically and scientifically. The University of Sao Paulo has for years hosted well-attended TMS certification courses, attracting hundreds of healthcare professionals from across the country,” says Lucas Godoy, adding that other universities now have their own TMS research departments. “The next logical step for us is to further advance this positive development by establishing a MagVenture subsidiary here where we already have a large customer base.”

What is TMS?

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, or TMS in short, is a non-invasive technology which delivers magnetic pulses to stimulate nerve cells in the part of the brain controlling mood, an area often underactive in depressed patients. The treatment has no systemic side effects, and does not require anesthesia. TMS is currently undergoing a rapid growth worldwide, not just within depression treatment but also in brain research as well as neuro-diagnostics.

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