New research stimulator: XP Orange Edition

XP Orange Edition from MagVenture: More than twice the power of a standard stimulator. 

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INVESTIGATIONAL DEVICE. MagVenture’s XP Orange Edition  stimulator is capable of delivering 250 pps, more than twice the power of a standard stimulator.XP stimulator This, by far, exceeds any other stimulator currently available. The XP Orange Edition is the first TMS device to bridge the gap between electrophysiological memory models and TMS, using the same frequency as the human brain.

Thanks to its fully integrated, superior coil cooling you can run the most demanding research protocols with no issues of coil overheating. Ever.


The XP Orange Edition stimulator comes as a fully encased, integrated system with a practical console design which makes transportation between labs easy.

• Larger frequency range than standard stimulator
Optimized for interleaved TMS/fMRI
• Flexible operation with movable screen
• Improved durability

Please note that the stimulator may not be available and/or approved by the regulatory authorities in your country/region. For more information, please consult with your local MagVenture distributor or subsidiary. 

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