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Danish Innovation Fund grants EUR 1.9 million

Danish Innovation Fund grants EUR 1.9 million to develop individualized TMS treatment


The Innovation Fund Denmark has invested EUR 1.9 million to make it possible to gather an expert team to bring the project all the way from idea to clinical testing and commercialization as a stimulation-based precision medicine which is expected to revolutionize the treatment of depression.

The project is a collaboration between leading researchers from the greater Copenhagen health authorities, the Technical University of Denmark, MagVenture, and several international partners.
Jointly, they will develop and commercialize the new equipment as well as software which is meant to make the individual stimulation possible and through this process gain the best impact on the individual patient.

MagVenture will be at the head of the technical development of the equipment which makes the advanced brain stimulation possible. Researchers from The Capital Region of Denmark, headed by the Danish Research Centre for Magnetic Resonance at Hvidovre Hospital and the Technical University of Denmark as well as German Localite will in parallel develop and integrate the procedure and software, which are to ensure that the stimulation takes into account both the specific disease-related needs of each individual patient and the tailoring according to the brain’s anatomy.

Psychiatrists from The Capital Region of Denmark as well as Munich will lead the first testing on patients.

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