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Cool-B70 A/P for advanced TMS research studies

Introducing Cool-B70 A/P  - MagVenture's newest TMS research coil for double-blinded TMS studies.

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MagVenture's new research coil - Cool-B70 A/P - has been specifically designed for advanced research studies. The coil combines active and placebo stimulation in one coil. The  symmetrical design of the coil with no indication of which side is active and which side is placebo allows for true double-blinded research. It is possible to create skin-sensation of real stimulation even when the coil is placed in placebo position.

Other features include:

  • A built-in orientation switch determines which side of the coil should be placed towards the research subject.
  • Active liquid cooling it is possible to run demanding research protocols.
  • Advanced research software supports double-blinded studies.
  • It is compatible with the lightweight MT coil C-B70 which is also a new coil from MagVenture.

You can read more technical information about this coil in the product section of our website.

Download Datasheet:

Cool B70 AP small   


Users in the USA:
Caution: Investigational device. Limited by Federal law to investigational use. In accordance with US Federal regulations, an IDE and/or IRB may be required.

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