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MagVenture Depression Treatment for healthcare professionals

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MagVenture MagPro R30 Stimulator

Magnetic stimulation systems for depression treatment, clinical examination and research

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Upcoming TMS Courses

TMS courses for both beginners and advanced users of TMS are being offered at a number of universities and other health education facilities around the world. Below we have listed a number of TMS courses which will be held in 2017. For registration, please contact the organizers directly.

rTMS course for professionals in Netherland in 2017

This course is  for clinicians, psychiatrists and psychologists who want to use repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation in their own practices. Researchers wanting to use rTMS in their studies are also welcome.

The course is offered:

  • Niijemen, Holland, 19-20 October, 2017

More information and registration 

Advanced Hands-on TMS Symposium in San Fransisco 7-10 Sep., 2017

TMS Health Solutions offers a 3-day advanced TMS Symposium aimed at Physicians and Allied Health Personal interested in the administration of TMS for depression. The course will be held 7-10 September, 2017

Full program and registration


Intensive TMS Courses at Duke University 21-23 Oct., 2017

MagVenture, Inc. provides equipment support to Duke University, North Carolina which offers training on Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation. 

The course is aimed at physicians, nurses, physician assistants and nurse practitioners and will include didactics sessions and hands-on training. The course will be held 21-23 October, 2017 

Full program and registration

Amsterdam Clinical TMS Certification Course 26-27 October, 2017

The course is designed for health care professionals working with TMS, or considering working with TMS, clinicians and researchers who seek training in transcranial magnetic stimulation. The course is a certified and accredited clinical TMS course. The course consists of a mix of academic sessions and hands-on sessions. 

The course will be held in Amsterdam 26-27 October, 2017

More information and registration

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Workshop in Copenhagen, 22-24 November, 2017

The Danish Research Centre for Magnetic Resonance at Hvidovre Hospital, Copenhagen offers a three-day intensive workshop which will provide participants with in-depth knowledge on the use of transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) in neuroscience. The course takes place 22-24 November, 2017.

The course will discuss a wide range of basic and advanced topics, covering the basic physical and physiological principles of TMS as well as a wide range of cognitive applications. A special focus will be put on multimodal combinations of TMS with other neuroimaging techniques (EEG-TMS, fMRi-TMS).

For more information and registration



What do previous participants say about the Clinical TMS Certification Course in Maastricht?


TMS workshop in Aarhus, Denmark, November 24, 2017

Mentis, a private TMS practice near Aarhus, Denmark, is hosting a TMS workshop on Friday the 24th of November 2017. Read more about the event here. 

For more information and registration