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  • Do you not respond to antidepressants?
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  • Do you wish to give patients an alternative to antidepressants?

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  • Magnetic stimulation systems for depression treatment, clinical examination and research

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  • With 7 different magnetic stimulators and 31 different coils, MagVenture is the ultimate research partner

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New research coil on the market

MRead more about the new Cool D-50 Coil from MagVenture!agVenture has developed a new research coil - the Cool D-50. The coil is asymmetrical with the stimulation center at the edge. By using two Cool D-50 coils it is possible to simultaneously stimulate two centers in the brain very close to each other.

MagVenture and MagPro

MagVenture® is a medical device company specializing in non-invasive magnetic stimulation systems. MagVenture’s product line MagPro® is designed especially for the needs of researchers and healthcare professionals. With 7 different magnetic stimulators and 27 different coils, the MagPro line provides a solution to most stimulation needs.

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MagVenture News

NYC Visiting Fellowship in TMS 2015
MagVenture co-sponsors this TMS event taking place 2-5 June, 2015 in New York.

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Technical Training Course
MagVenture offers a two-day training course in May.

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MagVenture at EPA 2015 in Vienna

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TMS Training Course in Berne
MagVenture sponsors the Neurolite TMS Training Course in Berne, 10-11 June 2015

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Three-minutes of theta-burst stimulation therapy can help conquer depression (Source: CTV News)

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Clinical TMS Certification Course at Maastricht University
MagVenture and Maastricht University offer their popular TMS course in May 2015.

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Big Idea: Making mind reading a reality (Source: MSNBC)

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Brain stimulation therapy can help depression when medications fail (Source: CTV News)

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MagVenture presents new asymmetrical TMS coil
The coil shape enables simultaneous stimulation of two brain centers.

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Recovery Rates from the London Psychiatry Centre
The London Psychiatry Centre is now sharing their rTMS results online.

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